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Principal for Lutheran North Middle School

The Lutheran High School Association of St. Louis (LHSA) seeks to fill the position of Principal of Lutheran North Middle School.  This is a unique opportunity for the successful candidate to be the founding Principal for a new school to begin enrollment in the fall of 2019.  Lutheran North Middle School will be co-located with Lutheran North High School and along with Lutheran High School South will become the third school supported by the Association.  During the 2018-2019 school year, the new Principal will work closely in the final planning and preparation activities and help actively recruit the first faculty. The called candidate will be given the opportunity to begin the call formally during the spring of 2019 should they be available for that option.

Lutheran North Middle School will serve grades 6 through 8 as a co-educational, private Christian high school primarily serving families throughout the north St. Louis County and St. Louis City areas.  Lutheran North Middle School will be a high quality, 21st Century school experience in alignment with a college preparatory high school program.  Where reasonable and possible, the program will share some curriculum components with the high school yet maintain a clear and separate identity.  Initial plans project the new school to reach enrollments of up to approximately 200 students served by up to 14 faculty and staff after five years of operation.
Lutheran North’s ministry is based on three guiding principles central to its purpose statement and the overall mission of the LHSA, summarized in the words Achieve, Believe, Belong.

The Mission of the LHSA is: “Our students thrive in a Christ-centered community of excellence where they achieve their God-given potential through a college-preparatory curriculum.
The Purpose statement for Lutheran North High School is: “Lutheran North High School is a diverse educational community whose unity is in Jesus Christ. We exist to nurture young Christians for further education and Christian service.

The new Principal will provide collaborative leadership to craft the purpose statement for the middle school to flow from and align with this mission and the purpose established for the high school.  The Principal of Lutheran North Middle School is the senior leader for the school and serves on the leadership team for the Association, reporting to the President of the Association as Superintendent of Schools.  In addition to effective Christian leadership, the Principal is responsible for the supervision, motivation and development of all staff within the school, oversight and management of school curricula, policies and procedures with an eye towards continuous quality improvement and representing the school to the community.  In achieving this, the Principal will work collaboratively with the President, high school Principal and administration, Enrollment Management and Advancement staffs to maintain strong levels of support for the students and program needs of the school.

  • Provides leadership and ensures that Lutheran North Middle School provides a curriculum that will prepare students for success in a challenging college prep high school and that is intentionally designed for the middle school developmental years and progressively prepares students to increased maturity as learners and growing adolescents.
  • Ensures effective use of assessment methods to regularly evaluate instructional and curricular choices to maintain the highest level of student learning aligned to the needs of a college-preparatory high school.
  • Champions the appropriate use of technology such that teaching and learning will be enhanced through the infusion of technology, including a 1:1 device program for students.
  • Leads the faculty and staff by example so that they will be committed to giving personalized attention and building relationships.
  • Champions a best-practice and research-informed culture of excellence in teaching and learning that incorporates 21st Century skills development and pedagogy methods, thus ensuring that instructions within the curriculum and co-curricular activities will ignite curiosity and critical thinking and encourage students to explore in their learning, try new things and reach for high goals as they become independent and self-directed learners.
  • Will understand the needs of an ecumenically diverse student population as they develop spiritually together in a school setting.
  • Lives out the core belief that Christ is at the center of everything we do — from academics to athletics to small group worship to our friendships.
  • Provides focus and alignment of all aspects of Lutheran North Middle School to our shared belief statements as a Lutheran characterized, Christian school.
  • Be bold in his/her personal sharing of the Gospel and its life changing influences.
  • Be skilled at faculty selection, motivation and development with the goal of bringing both academic excellence and strong Christian witnesses to students.
  • Models Christian servant leadership and the values of service, supports and encourages the development of these traits in others and understand the power of recognizing these traits as they emerge in students.
  • Purposely capitalizes on the diversity in the student body to promote social growth for all.
  • Be insightful of the individual development of teachers to maximize professional growth.
  • Will adapt and integrate the “Crusader Way” expectations into the middle school culture, which are: being Christ-centered, living/learning as family, being thriving and passionate learners and enabling students to dream big.
  • Challenges students to embrace opportunities to use their talents in athletics, music, drama, art, technology and many other areas and co-curricular activities, where they will develop leadership skills that will enable them to direct and participate in activities that can change the world for Christ.
The successful candidate will preferably be certified as a Principal in Missouri or another state, or should be capable and prepared to become certified as a school administrator in the State of Missouri, and should have earned a Master’s degree.  An understanding of school management, business and finance is preferred along with previous administrative experience in a school setting, preferably in a middle school setting.  The salary is competitive and is determined by relevant experience and educational attainment.  Benefits for this position include paid vacation, sick leave, health insurance, retirement (defined benefit plan) and disability benefits.

Candidates interested in this position should click on the link below to access and complete the LHSA Employment Application.  Email your letter of interest, current resume and completed employment application to:  Sharon Thurman, Human Resources Manager at  Nominations are also encouraged and should include a letter of recommendation and current contact information for the nominee and should also be emailed to Mrs. Thurman at the same address.  

For consideration, all candidates must either be on the LCMS roster or be eligible and willing to attain that status as a condition of hire.  Additional information regarding this position can be found under Employment Opportunities on the LHSA website: