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Middle School Counselor

Position Description: Part-time (.50) Middle School Counselor
Reports to: Assistant Principal-Academics & Counseling
Duties and Responsibilities include, but not limited to:
Supporting the academic, career, and social/emotional development of all students through the
delivery of counseling curriculum, individual student planning, and responsive services that support
and align with the mission of the school, especially as it relates to middle school students and their
unique needs:
● Share Jesus and his unconditional love with students
● Provide student assistance in making wise decisions personally, academically and vocationally
● Prepare and provide middle school classroom presentations (6th, 7th, 8th), focusing on
interpersonal skills, relationships, wellness, and post-secondary readiness
● Assist students with social-emotional awareness and self-regulation skills
● Provide brief responsive counseling and referrals to social worker or recommendations for
community agencies
● Participate in the Crisis Team
● Assist with preparation for and execution of a schoolwide career fair
● Coordinate standardized testing and interpretation for middle school NWEA/Map Growth
● Assist as needed with department efforts
● Build and maintain professional relationships within the building and within the community
● Support the school community by attending student events such as plays, concerts, and
athletic events
● Other duties as assigned
Skills and Qualifications:
● Caring, Christian man/woman of faith who is an active member of his/her church
● Member of a Lutheran Church (LCMS preferred) or member of a Christian church
● Collaborative colleague who is versatile, flexible, and willing to work with counseling team
● Strong communication, interpersonal, organizational, and decision-making skills
● Gives attention to details
● Passionate and enthusiastic about the field
● Embraces diversity and advocates for inclusion and opportunities for our diverse student body
● Stays current with trends in school counseling and in college, career, and technical education
Preferred Education and Experience:
Required master's degree with MO certification in school counseling
Preferred experience working in a middle school setting