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Transportation and What to Wear

Students did not drive to school.  They arrived by streetcar and bus, with many of the coeds hoping to wear the new “junior” outfits popularized in the St. Louis garment district.  But instead, they wore long slim skirts and bobby socks because shorts and slacks were prohibited.

It would take severely cold weather two decades later before the dress code would be revised to permit the girls to wear slacks.  The boys wore straight-legged trousers and long-sleeved white shirts, preferring the sleeves to be rolled up to the elbow.  Some concerned teachers noted the students did not always follow the dress code.  A vice principal called a special assembly to deal with the growing number of infractions.  In his opening statement he asserted, “The level of the dress at Lutheran High must be lifted!”  When faculty finally calmed the students’ laughter, the principal managed to clarify the dress code.